Thursday, 2 July 2009

Wayne Gretzky Days....Kinda

Ok, between jobs and school work and life, we've kind of dropped the ball on our summer feature. There are now 92 days before the start of the season, which means, we missed Wayne Gretzky Days. Sorry about that.

Have no fear! Once it gets rolling, I promise, the summer feature will be in full-swing and we'll deliver the goods.

We promised you Wayne Gretzky, so here he is.

The Great One has his own website. Who knew? I didn't.
(Mer did.)

Since we are major failboats on this one, if you're looking for some stats or some fun facts on Mr. Gretzky, here you go.

Thanks for letting us slide on this one. The rest of 'em will be killer, fer sher.

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Val said...

No worries, just glad that you posted Wayne Gretzky :)