Wednesday, 12 August 2009

In lieu of a few thousand words

My trip so far... in pictures. Somewhat random pictures that, hilariously enough, sum up the most important parts of this adventure so far.

(okay, sue me, it was 2 a.m. Friday morning, but I hadn't slept so it still felt like Thursday)
There has been a LOT of Tim Hortons...

I am not sure why, but I love this photo so damn much.

SaturdayThis pretty much sums up our entire friendship in one snapshot: Ky is crying and I'm laughing at her for it. (p.s. I love you, Kylie)

SundayAli and I felt the need to race back and forth between our subway car and the station walls. Mostly because we can. I think people thought we were about 15. We had the maturity of seventh graders.

Speaking of people with the maturity of seventh graders...
Deets: Woah, Patrick Kane got arrested!
Mer, Ky, Ali & Ez: (in unison) WHAT???

My dream car. This is the first real R8 I've ever seen.
It's a good thing it wasn't black, or I might have jacked it.

Paul's house.
He has a mortgage.
I laughed at him for three blocks.
(But his house it totally adorable!)


Y'all know how I love random murals... Toronto knows how to do random murals.

Paul knows someone with a boat. We jumped off the side and went swimming. It was mother-effing freezing. Then we watched some huge factory-fire and the sunset and I wanted to die of joy for about half an hour. There is nothing like being on the water. Nothing. Ever. What is it with me and bodies of water (be they liquid or frozen solid), they are my weakness...

A. being all adorable and shit.

That's things so far. A lot of really fabulous friends. Great conversations. Amazing food. Things are kind of insanely lovely. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but I'll take it.

Breakfast tomorrow with D. and then lunch with E. and C. and then who knows what else... The next few days will be kind of insane, but I'll try to post some choice pictures and maybe tell y'all about the best parts at the end of the weekend.

I've been thinking more than writing the past few days. I've had a ton on my mind with all these friends of mine doing big, huge, grown-uppy things like getting married and buying houses and stuff, and I've been talking to so many people (I was invited to Israel all-expenses-paid today... NOT GOING, sorry, but thanks for the offer, sir) and I haven't had much time to just stop and let it all process.

At some point I have to stop and think though. And I will. At some point. But not tonight. And not tomorrow. There are too many people to see. There is just too much to do!


25superstar said...

that picture from the boat of the skyline made my heart stop. breath-takingly beautiful.
oh, and btw,

Val said...

I like your pictures as much as I like your words...thanks for sharing them!

lauren said...

I miss you! Ali and I are already dreaming about a trip to Lake Placid... are you in? =]

mer said...

Deets, I am so there. You don't even need to ask.