Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Kris Letang Days

I began today's post last night before I had heard about the tragic shooting in Pittsburgh. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and individuals affected by yesterday's senseless violence. It really is too much to process at this point.

I get to see some of my very favorite people on Friday and I can't wait to hug them just a little tighter and a little longer than I normally would....

Well folks, we are now 58 days away from the puck dropping on the 2009-10 season. That's right, Happy Kris Letang Days! It's no secret that Le Swooon is a favorite around here, so sit back and enjoy some KPorn.

Part Une

Part Deux

It appears as though the sexhair we all know and love has gone through a bit of an identity crisis during it's young life.

Survey says...Sexhair 2009 is a keeper!

Crosby, Kunitz and Guerin...Penguins win the point to Letang...SHOT, SCORE! IT WAS DEFLECTED IN! KRIS LETANG SHOT THE PUCK! THE PENGUINS HAVE WON IN OVERTIME!

Happy Wednesday. You're welcome.

Kristopher has gone and gotten himself a tattoo. How we didn't know about this, we have no idea. As if it were even possible, we now love him just a little bit more than we already did.


Susan said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Pittsburgh that are affected by that tragic shooting!

Wonderful Letang post today. It made me smile, lots! "Le sigh"

Gen said...

And its his day with the Cup today

25superstar said...

KPorn is my favorite.
That goal call is my ringtone.
and that tattoo is so freaking amazing. i may or may not have shed a tear....

Val said...

I'm with Susan - thoughts and prayers everyone involved in that horrific shooting at LA Fitness.

Just think, everyday is really a Letang day...oh and the hair crises photos - love them, especially the middle one...what is that exactly?

lauren said...

That tattoo kind of makes me want to cry. =/

I do enjoy the hair progression though.

mer said...

I have it good authority that that may not be Kris Letang's tattoo. Check all the photos of him on his day with the cup.

Thing is, no matter who it is who had that tattoo, I want to meet them, and hug them and not let go for a good couple minutes.

Kylie said...

I thought the exact same thing when I looked at his day with the Cup picture.

If it's really not his, I'm mad at the person who said it was. Don't lie to us, people!