Sunday, 13 September 2009

Colby Armstrong Days

Sorry I'm a little late with Colby Armstrong Days. I spent day number 20 of our summer countdown working in the not-so-lovely City of Philadelphia. While I was there, I learned a few important things.

1) Philadelphia smells like a sewer. Or maybe it's Scott Hartnell.

2) I love accents, but I hate a Philadelphia accent.

3) It is not always sunny in Philadelphia.

4) Philly cheesesteaks are pretty good. Delicious, actually.

5) I'd never played before Friday, but I'm actually pretty good at Texas Hold 'Em.

I couldn't let Colby Armstrong Days pass us by without showing my boy some love. I'm a new hockey fan, so besides Jaromir Jagr, Colby was my first favorite hockey player. I'm a football fan by birth and a hockey fan by choice, so Colby will always have a special place in my heart, no matter what sweater he is wearing. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out Colby got traded. Definition of sad day.

-Born November 23, 1982
-Hails from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
-Played for the Red Deer Rebsls in the WHL
-Drafted in the first round, 21 OA, in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.
-Scored the game-winning goal in the gold medal game of the 2007 IIHF World Championships

Lord a mercy, I miss him!

My favorite Hot Seat of all time...

I still hold out hope that Colby will one day wear the black and Vegas gold again....


Val said...

I, too, am waiting for him to return to Vegas gold and black, but in the meantime, he seems okay in Atlanta...also, the pens season ticket delivery, the hair, heaven help me, the hair...

Lauren said...

I loved in the season ticket delivery video when they ask who would win a fight between him and Sid, and Colbs just gets that big Colby grin on his face and look straight into the camera <3

When Colby was talking about making the trip to Sweden, I just about burst into tears, knowing he never made that trip :( Ray Shero, we are fighting (STILL, ALWAYS).

"Colby, is your favorite cheese Colby?"

Colby, can you just come back now? I still <3 you.