Saturday, 5 September 2009

Craig Adams Days

I have to work all weekend, so we have a guest poster today. Big thanks to Erika for helping me continue the summer feature!

There are 27 Days left till the start of the season.
And you know what that means!

Craig Adams was born April 26, 1977 in Seria, Brunei, but was raised in Calgary, Alberta.

He graduated from Harvard in 1999.

He was drafted 223rd overall by the Hartford Whalers in 1996, giving him the distinction of being the last player ever drafted by the Whalers.

The rule with Mr. Adams is this: if he switches teams, he’s gonna win the Cup. Well, at least 66% of the time…and as Pens fans, we like those odds :)
He was traded to Carolina just before their Stanley Cup winning 2005-06 season. Then he was traded to Chicago the next year…where he didn’t win the Cup…and then Ray “Jesus of Hockey GMs” Shero picked Craig up off waivers…and the Penguins proceeded to BAMF their way to the Stanley Cup…just saying…
Along those same lines, Craig had never had an NHL playoff point. Ever. Until he became a Penguin. Then he—boom—got 5 of them. And 3 of them were goals. The Penguins are magical…MAGICAL!

Oh yeah:

I know he hasn't been on the team long, but I already have a favorite Craig memory! I went to the LA Kings game at Mellon (sidenote: i adore the Kings). In the third period, the Pens were down 2 men for almost 2 minutes. Craig's stick broke. Then he blocked 3 FREAKING SHOTS...NO STICKKKKK!!!! Thus:

I love that Craig is kinda the best role player ever. He's a solid 4th line center (he can play right wing, too) and gets down and dirty in the corners. No fear. None at all.

He's also been known to throw down.


And this one is so freaking awesome.

His wife, Anne, is the daughter of the former governor of Massachusetts and US Ambassabor to Canada. Apparently, the union was politically motivated. lol.

He also has an adorable son, Rhys.


He also has a daughter, Francesca, who was born in May.
Oh....and Pens won the Cup!


Jess said...

Well, I have 4 things in common with Mr Craig Adams.

I have been to Brunei, Calgary, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Reason enough to declare myself a fan, methinks!

And the Adams family (!) look so cute and wholesome.

Val said...

Smart, pretty and a hockey player -be still my beating heart...thanks for this post, Erika...

Did you see that the HHOF has updated the Stanley Cup page for both Eric and Craig - that has caused me to break out the paper bag from too much excitement!