Thursday, 17 September 2009

Douche-Bag-Dany Days

I can't remember where I found this, but it makes me cry laughing. If you made it, you're a genius.

Dear Douche-Bag-Dany,
You stuck-up, self-absorbed douche-bag. I have two choice words for you; you can use your limited imagination and figure out which ones they are. (Hint: they rhyme with 'Duck poo')
Have fun in California princess,

On the bright side, only 15 days until the Dany-free Senators hit the ice for REAL hockey games. Maybe, by then, they'll have sorted out the joke show they call their pre-season roster.


Susan said...

I'm thinking that the Dany the Diva saga is not yet over. I am sooo tired of him and his Diva act, best of luck with him, California! Maybe he will fit in better in the land of fruits and nuts and flakes!

Val said...

I agree with Susan, I don't think the Diva saga is over either...and California is the best place for him to perfect that act...