Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Mer entered this contest thinga. She had to write 500 words. (Whatever, took 10 minutes... okay it actually took 3 hours, but whatever.) She's writing in the third person (can you tell she's tired?)

I'm going to be honest: it's not the best thing I've ever written. I can name a chapter of my book that's better. I can also name Peachy posts that are better. But they were not 500 words long. Or about a sporting event. Even though this isn't about a sporting event, it's about the Olympics.

Pleasepleaseplease vote for me. Even if my submision is wack. Y'all know how I can write when I'm given the inspiration... If I am one of the top 50 voted submissions, I will be a finalist to get this guest journalism gig with The Globe and Mail DURING THE OLYMPICS. No joke. Please. Vote. You can vote once a day. Do it like it's the Lord (Stanley's) work.

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Susan said...

I sent this info to some of my co-workers. We all come from that famous Canadian city of Tulsa, Ontario :) I gave them a postal code to use. I'll see how many of them vote for you; I know one has already done so & of course, Joeceff has voted today.