Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Mother Mother, Said The Whale and other inspiration

I spent the weekend working guest services -- over 24 hours of work in two days after working full-time all week -- for the Live at Squamish music festival. My job was to help all the VIPs and media whosits (and a few bands) find their respective wranglers and parking if they needed it. Pretty dope job, frankly. Essentially I was paid to stand around and tell people where to park, who to talk to to get their media/VIP/artist passes and, in a couple of unfortunate cases, where they could shove their VIP-attitude.

Mostly, though, people were awesome, especially the people I worked with and a few of the bands who I met, most of whom are small and indie and have ghetto camper vans with their name scrawled in spray paint on the side of their trailer. (The guys from Said The Whale were sooooo funny and nice! Plus they're talented. They may be my new favourite band. A+!!!)

Them, or Mother Mother...

In any case, the bands weren't the best part of the weekend, the best part of the weekend was the half-hour or so I spent in the medical tent chatting with the head of the festival medical team who I worked for a couple of years ago when I did this advanced first aid training and briefly debated becoming a paramedic. The head doc, who is one of the amazing people who can't help but put a smile on my face, told me all about his research and how his hobby of doing medical for big events (his team does marathons, charity runs, music festivals, and even did a whole bunch of the medical for the Olympics!) has become something WAY more serious than he'd originally imagined. He doesn't seem too unhappy about that though. It made me miss being on his team. He is one of the easiest people to work for, and I really love being useful at big events like the music festival I worked this weekend. I may just have to re-certify so I can work for him next summer :)

School starts today, but my first class isn't until tomorrow. I'm beyond excited. I may be narrowing in on something resembling a direction (or maybe I should call it a mission?) in my studies. For now, I'm going to ride my great mood and listen to some more Mother Mother and Said The Whale.

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